What Do We Mean By the ‘Real’ World?

Sean Raspet and Shengping Zheng’s Hyperflor© (2-benzyl-1, 3-dioxan-5-one) (2018–19) takes the synthetic nature of parafiction further still through the creation of a new molecule, a fragrance to be commercialized under the brand name ‘Hyperflor’. Invisible yet immersive, Raspet describes the scent as something between flower petals and overripe vegetation. As part of the 2019 Okayama Art Summit, Hyperflor© (2-benzyl-1, 3-dioxan-5-one) was ‘exhibited’ via electronic diffusers placed across the city to function as ‘scene transitions’ between different spaces. Read more on


在永遠有人比你更餓的環境中,人們爭相以勞力與工作換取一小片「soylent green」,讓代餐企業成為了掌控全人類生存的財團。代餐公司取名「Soylent」的用意似乎也同時自我嘲諷地回應了人類世的發展現況。除此之外,同時具備新創公司企業家與藝術家身分的Lucy Chinen和Sean Raspet(1981-),是一個以實際的創業計畫,來介入影響飲食文化與環保意識的有趣例子。他們創辦的「Nonfood」在2017年推出了一個由浮萍、小球藻、螺旋藻以及烤蠶豆等物質製成的加工代餐食品「Nonbar」,試圖使食物在保持營養豐富的同時讓環境可以更友善的被保護。他們認為「藻類是食物的未來」(“Algae is the future of food.”)。Read in Chinese on

Bunny Rogers – Kunsthaus Bregenz

“Thinking is linear; emotions are space,” said the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor. His acclaimed Kunsthaus Bregenz was the setting for an extraordinary exhibition by Bunny Rogers, who turned the cast-concrete cube into a mausoleum. Her sprawling show, “Kind Kingdom,” consisted of four allover environments, one on each of the gallery’s floors.” Read full review on Artforum.

What Sold at Art Basel in Basel Online

Société, a Basel by Berlin participant, has devoted its brick-and-mortar space and most of its Art Basel viewing room to new paintings by the Swiss artist Kaspar Müller, with strong results: Five of them, all priced at $18,500, have sold. Read more on Artsy.

Wie Kaspar Müller Kunst aus Klopapier macht

BerlinDass der künstlerische Ursprung von Kaspar Müllers „Mandala“-Serie im Klopapier begründet liegt, ist eine schrille Ironie. Denn selbst wenn dem Klopapier dieser Tage mehr Bedeutung zukommt als sonst – in der Corona-Krise wurde es bekanntlich zu einem umstrittenen Gut, an dem sich die unvermittelte Konsumwut genauso niederschlug wie die gesellschaftsübergreifende Angst vor materieller Verknappung –, so ist es doch auch die profanste Sache der Welt. Read more in German at

‘A Bricks-and-Clicks Approach Is the Way Forward’: Berlin Dealers Report Lively In-Person Sales at the Art Basel Booths They Built in Their Galleries

Across town, Daniel Wichelhaus of gallery Société has just unveiled a sparkling new gallery space in a historic building in West Berlin, a stone’s throw from Prada and Gucci, and galleries like Daniel Buchholz. While he is on the participant list for Basel by Berlin, he opted to not put a fair booth in his brand-new space but to show a dozen or so new works by Kaspar Müller, which the artist made during lockdown after being inspired by his six-year-old daughter’s doodles on a single ply of toilet paper (they range from €15,000 to €20,000). Read more on artnet news.

Film ab! Videokunst hat lange Zeit ein Nischendasein geführt!

Kurator und Web-Entrepreneur David Gryn hat das Modell der Online-Viewing-Rooms für die Videokunst adaptiert. Auf seiner Plattform Daata. art präsentiert sich die Galerie Hauser & Wirth mit einem amüsanten Musikvideo von David Reed. Société (Berlin) zeigt Vorschauversionen von Bunny Rogers und Lu Yang, und bei Simone Subal Gallery (New York) kann man eine ganze Bandbreite der Videos von Anna K. E. und Florian Meisenberg streamen. Alle Werke stehen über die Galerien zum Verkauf. Subscribe to read more.

Jeanette Mundt

The New York painter Jeanette Mundt, whose renditions of female gymnasts impressed at the 2019 Whitney Biennial, is represented there with her ominous pictures of crows; you can also view her recent exhibition, which was cut short by the pandemic. Read more on New Yorker.

When Banality Was Exciting on the Web

Bailey had been making experimental software video works since the early aughts but didn’t much explore internet-native video until he came across Petra Cortright, a deadpan idol of aughts net art, and her 2007 YouTube video “VVEBCAM.” Read more on Gizmodo.

The Gallery As Clubhouse

“The name “Société,” according to Daniel Wichelhaus, fit the bill for “something that said ‘brand,’ but that almost meant nothing.” Yet it’s not such an inappropriate name for a place whose projects often merge art with everyday life. Read more on Cultured.

‘You Know the Bird That Does That Crazy Mating Dance? That Was Me’: Petra Cortright and Marc Horowitz on How Their Personalities Mesh

Sometimes romances are born of charming chance encounters and novelistic meet-cutes. Other times, they begin with two people drunk in a hot tub. The latter was the case for Petra Cortright and Marc Horowitz, two LA-based artists who have been together for seven years, married for four, and who recently welcomed a newborn baby. Read full interview on artnet news.

From Richard Prince’s $5 Million Muscle Car to Bunny Rogers’s Inner World, Here Are 5 of the Best Artworks at Frieze LA

With her Oscars performance last week, Billie Eilish’s captivating sensibility—hypersensitive, at once guarded and vulnerable, defiantly self-determined—may have reached its biggest mainstream audience to date. That sensibility—which one might describe as a generational thing—is also alive and well in art, specifically in the work of the artist Bunny Rogers. Read more on artnet news.

Die Künstlerin Bunny Rogers

Bunny Rogers ist eine US-amerikanische Künstlerin und Poetin, straft das Vorurteil lügen, junge Künstlerinnen würden nicht beachtet. Die Kunstwelt nennt sie “Shooting Star”. Rogers hat keine Angst vor großen Formaten. Watch now on

Künstlerin Bunny Rogers im KUB

In der neuen Ausstellung im Kunsthaus Bregenz geht es um Trauer, Verlust und Vergänglichkeit. Die junge US-amerikanische Künstlerin Bunny Rogers beschäftigt sich in Bregenz mit dem Ausdruck kollektiver Trauer, etwa nach dem Columbine-Schulmassaker oder dem Tod Prinzessin Dianas. Watch now at