Chen Zhou

Screening: "Life Imitation'', 2017

Thu, 20 September 2018

“Life Imitation” is the debut feature film of Chinese young video artist Chen Zhou. This is a non-fictional film which parallels the real life with a virtual game.

In the game, a female killer wanders the streets of Los Angeles on a dark night. Police sirens wail all around. There are people lying in the streets, possibly dead, possibly asleep. In real life, a woman expresses her suffering and depression over her love life, the roles she plays in social life using social media chat, revealing the symptoms of a mental disorder.

Life Imitation presents not only an intimate portrait of Chen’s artist friends, but also a group portrait of urban young people in contemporary China. It is an exploration of sound and image from the reality to dreams and to virtual world. In the meantime, it shows a unique perspective of observing the Chinese modern life. By its own rhythm, the film brings you to the lives of urban young people and then detach you from them. From both their real lives and dreams, you will see their confusion and pain, as well as their fantasies and struggles. You will also sense the textures of city and life that have always been surrounding them. Eventually, the film will lead you to your own interior world, encouraging you to find some relief, gain some comfort, or generate some doubt.

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