Notebook purple

Notebook purple

50.00 €

On the occasion of her solo exhibition at Kunsthaus Bregenz, Bunny Rogers produced range of artist designed merchandise.

Bunny Rogers cites images of public mourning accompanying the deaths of famous figures or victims of assassination, which have become branded into the collective memory. The large quantities of flowers, candles, pictures, toys and their cellophane wrappers, which ultimately turn into garbage — scenes, such as those outside Kensington Palace in London after Princess Diana’s death in a car accident 1997 in Paris, remain unforgettable. At the time, a small purple “Princess Diana Beanie Baby” teddy bear was produced in millions in memory of the “Queen of Hearts,” the proceeds from sales flowing into the princess’ charity foundation. Much subsequent a hype developed around the teddy bear as a collectable and object of financial speculation that is now traded online at high prices or as cheap fakes.

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