Trisha Baga’s “Mollusca & The Pelvic Floor”

Trisha Baga’s third exhibition at Greene Naftali is also her most ambitious. “Mollusca & The Pelvic Floor,” like its cosmically hilarious and dizzyingly psychedelic predecessors, features a dazzling and untidy collection of found, handmade, and moving-image works: from doctored lenticular posters of human anatomy to idiosyncratic ceramic representations of everyday objects, all arranged around and within a deliriously complex 3D video installation. Read more on art agenda.LINEBREAK

Watch full version at Greene Naftali

Trisha Baga at Greene NaftaliLINEBREAKMollusca & The Pelvic FloorLINEBREAKSeptember 14 – October 20, 2018LINEBREAKFor her third exhibition at Greene Naftali, Mollusca & the Pelvic Floor, Baga presents an installation comprising a wide-ranging landscape of ceramics in varying scales, as well as a new video installation. The exhibition’s eponymous central video examines language, technology, identity, and intimacy, through an expanding and contracting scope that ranges from galactic footage sourced from the sci-fi movie Contact, to video of intimate minutia such as Baga’s toes peeking out from a bathtub, an image echoed in a pair of small ceramic sculptures on the floor.LINEBREAK

Bunny Rogers & Aria Hughes-Liebling Poetry Reading

David Lewis GalleryLINEBREAKMay 4, 2018LINEBREAKBunny Rogers on YouTube LINEBREAK LINEBREAK

Colin Lang on Jeanette Mundt at Société, Berlin

The September issue of Texte zur Kunst focuses on Amerika (U.S. America principally): the land, the idea, and all that seems to come with it. What is Amerika today other than a contradiction between brute political reality and a largely fictional self-image, where fiction says as much about fact as “alternative facts” say about the truth? Purchase full online accessLINEBREAK


For the grand opening of the new Powerlong Art Centre in Hangzhou, Lu Yang presented a new and upgraded version of her Electromagnetic Brainology Live motion capture performance. The performance was presented during the opening ceremony of the centre alongside video installations of her work in a group exhibition title Nine Tomorrows curated by Yao Dajuin. Watch it on MetaObjects VimeoLINEBREAK

Bunny Rogers Interview: Mourning Youth

Watch the praised artist Bunny Rogers (b. 1990) talk about creating autobiographical work that draws from memory and deals with her childhood by archiving her feelings from that time: “You can’t make objective art, it’s going to be subjective.” Louisiana Channel on VimeoLINEBREAK

Sean Raspet on artificial flavors

Sean Raspet describes his interest in the chemical structure of flavors and scents, and considers how molecular analysis presents new ways of thinking about the potential of art objects and their relationship to audiences. Swiss Institute on YouTubeLINEBREAK

The Singularity: Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

Virtual reality is increasingly being used as a medium within the parameters of art: a development that connects to the way technology is increasingly shaping the way we live. How are artists engaging with this emergent techno-reality, and what future do they see?LINEBREAKTimur Si-Qin, Artist, Berlin Lu Yang, Artist, Shanghai Kening Zhu, Assistant Professor, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Moderated by Victoria Chang, Director of VIVE Arts, HTC, London.LINEBREAK LINEBREAK LINEBREAK

Neurocore: Lu Yang

Can human beings mutate into we are historically used to call “gods” with the help of advanced technology? The Shanghai based artist discusses her interest in the physiology of the human brain, religious narratives, and the aesthetics of gaming and anime in relation to her hyper-stimulating, arcade-like installations. Read more on Mousse MagazineLINEBREAK

Petra Cortright and Carl Tashian

Artist Petra Cortright & Carl Tashian, Engineer and Entrepreneur.LINEBREAKMay 19th, 2018 at the New Museum in New York City. Rhizome on VimeoLINEBREAK


From a young age, I feel that the characters in the anime are easily pretty drawn only a few strokes. How can people be so tired and still look so ugly? I have Chūnibyō illness so it is easy to get into the role when cosplaying. Read and watch on Yuen Hsieh VimeoLINEBREAK

Remnants and Remembrance

Neopets, The Walking Dead, Clone High, totem pole trench trope, Silence of the Lambs, Picasso’s harlequins, Tilikum, Flowers for Algernon, Lady Train, The Green Ribbon, The Ice Palace. Bunny Rogers (b. 1990) is a collector of cultural artifacts. Read more on Whitney Museum of American ArtLINEBREAK