Zoë Lescaze on Jeanette Mundt at Greene Naftali

The real crime, however, was that these deadening works were hung near three inspired paintings by Jeanette Mundt, each depicting a gymnast torqueing through the air at Rio 2016 Olympics. (…)LINEBREAKPurchase full online accessLINEBREAK

Timur Si-Qin in Living Content Live hosted by Times Square Space, New York

LINEBREAKLINEBREAKLINEBREAKLINEBREAKOrganized by Living Content in partnership with Times Square Space, Living Content Live is a full day event consisting of talks, presentations, screenings, and performances, by some of the most thought-provoking contemporary artists, writers, and curators. Dealing with topics such as ecology, feminism, technology, and knowledge production, the featured speakers will present unique insights into their practices and their discourses. Read more on Living Content website LINEBREAKLINEBREAKLINEBREAKLINEBREAKLINEBREAK

Interview: Petra Cortright at Doota Plaza

Petra Cortright’s first public art installation in Korea currently on view at Doota Plaza, Seoul until 28th of October, 2018. Watch full interview with Petra on YouTube.LINEBREAK

What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week

Trisha Baga’s brand of weirdness draws from science fiction, spiritualism and contemporary oracles like Wikipedia and Alexa, the digital personal assistant. As art, it takes the form of a psychedelic 3-D video installation, ceramic sculptures in various sizes and paintings on lenticular photographs in the show “Mollusca & the Pelvic Floor” at Greene Naftali. Read more on The New York Times.LINEBREAK

Petra Cortright谈艺术家与品牌的“另类合作”

Read in Chinese on LEAP MagazineLINEBREAK

Petra Cortright Debuts Public Art Installation at Doota Plaza in Seoul

The L.A.-based artist was commissioned by the Seoul shopping center for a new large-scale public art installation, which was unveiled today. Working with Korean creative agency SketchedSpace, which produced the project, Cortright created new digital paintings which “skin” the building’s facade, as well as 17 large flags bearing her designs. Read more on WWDLINEBREAK

Bunny Rogers: INATTENTION on view at Marciano Art Foundation

Bunny Rogers: INATTENTION on view now at Marciano Art Foundation.LINEBREAKSeptember 1, 2018 – January 6, 2019LINEBREAK

Trisha Baga’s “Mollusca & The Pelvic Floor”

Trisha Baga’s third exhibition at Greene Naftali is also her most ambitious. “Mollusca & The Pelvic Floor,” like its cosmically hilarious and dizzyingly psychedelic predecessors, features a dazzling and untidy collection of found, handmade, and moving-image works: from doctored lenticular posters of human anatomy to idiosyncratic ceramic representations of everyday objects, all arranged around and within a deliriously complex 3D video installation. Read more on art agenda.LINEBREAK

Watch full version at Greene Naftali

Trisha Baga at Greene NaftaliLINEBREAKMollusca & The Pelvic FloorLINEBREAKSeptember 14 – October 20, 2018LINEBREAKFor her third exhibition at Greene Naftali, Mollusca & the Pelvic Floor, Baga presents an installation comprising a wide-ranging landscape of ceramics in varying scales, as well as a new video installation. The exhibition’s eponymous central video examines language, technology, identity, and intimacy, through an expanding and contracting scope that ranges from galactic footage sourced from the sci-fi movie Contact, to video of intimate minutia such as Baga’s toes peeking out from a bathtub, an image echoed in a pair of small ceramic sculptures on the floor.LINEBREAK

Bunny Rogers & Aria Hughes-Liebling Poetry Reading

David Lewis GalleryLINEBREAKMay 4, 2018LINEBREAKBunny Rogers on YouTube LINEBREAK LINEBREAK

Colin Lang on Jeanette Mundt at Société, Berlin

The September issue of Texte zur Kunst focuses on Amerika (U.S. America principally): the land, the idea, and all that seems to come with it. What is Amerika today other than a contradiction between brute political reality and a largely fictional self-image, where fiction says as much about fact as “alternative facts” say about the truth? Purchase full online accessLINEBREAK