Petra Cortright and Carl Tashian

Artist Petra Cortright & Carl Tashian, Engineer and Entrepreneur.LINEBREAKMay 19th, 2018 at the New Museum in New York City. Rhizome on VimeoLINEBREAK


From a young age, I feel that the characters in the anime are easily pretty drawn only a few strokes. How can people be so tired and still look so ugly? I have Chūnibyō illness so it is easy to get into the role when cosplaying. Read and watch on Yuen Hsieh VimeoLINEBREAK

Remnants and Remembrance

Neopets, The Walking Dead, Clone High, totem pole trench trope, Silence of the Lambs, Picasso’s harlequins, Tilikum, Flowers for Algernon, Lady Train, The Green Ribbon, The Ice Palace. Bunny Rogers (b. 1990) is a collector of cultural artifacts. Read more on Whitney Museum of American ArtLINEBREAK

Ilya Lipkin on Ned Vena at Société, Berlin

The theme of this issue – The New New Left – is not entirely “new new,” as indeed it relates to the old anti-capitalist Left in its insistence on a theoretical analysis of capitalism and the price paid by many in such a system. Purchase full online accessLINEBREAK

Vlog: Trisha Baga Studio Visit

In this vlog, artist and educator Christine Sun Kim visits the studio of artist Trisha Baga. They discuss Baga’s process and her Whitney solo exhibition, Plymouth Rock 2. Whitney Museum of American Art on YouTubeLINEBREAK

Sean Raspet and Francis Tseng

Artist and Nonfood Co-Founder Sean Raspet & Francis Tseng, Designer and Developer.LINEBREAKMay 19th, 2018 at the New Museum in New York City. Rhizome on VimeoLINEBREAK

Kaspar Müller for Ricola

Kaspar Müller fotografierte eine rote Glaskugel vor einem hochalpinen Panorama. Die Aufnahmen für dieses Bild entstanden in einem Walliser Bergdorf unterhalb der Baumgrenze mit Blick auf den Grande Dent de Veisivi (3418 m ü. M.), den Dent de Perroc (3676 m ü. M.) und den westlich vom Matterhorn gelegenen und von der Kugel verdeckten Dent d’Hérens (4171 m ü. M). Kaspar Müller untersucht mit seinen Arbeiten die Wahrnehmung einer Realität, die selbst schon Bild oder Zitat ist: Populärkultur und Warenwelt halten dafür viele Beispiele bereit, die er in seinen Werken aufgreift und künstlerisch befragt. Download at ricola.chLINEBREAK


Outside of Our Minds – Timur Si-Qin’s mostly depicts peaceful scenarios which convey the notion of a new image of humanity and a new humanism within it. In conversation with SCHIRN curator Matthias Ulrich the Berlin artist gives in-depth insights in his work and filmic interest. Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt on YouTube LINEBREAK