Olfactory Suggestion

Listen to Alexander Iadarola discuss this article and the aesthetics of Juul with Rhizome artistic director Michael Conor on the Rhizome Rare podcast, available on iTunes. Or read the article on RhizomeLINEBREAK


WWD: Prada, Gucci Raise Tiger Protection Awareness with Chinese New Year Campaigns, Lu Yang

Prada and Gucci are linking their Chinese New Year campaign with a good cause for 2022, the year of the tiger in the Chinese zodiac.LINEBREAKUnder the project “Action in the Year of the Tiger,” Prada is making a donation to the China Green Foundation’s “Walking With Tiger and Leopard” program to raise awareness for wildlife and biodiversity protection in China.LINEBREAKIt also includes an art project, which is an open invitation for creative talents under 30 at art schools in China and beyond to present their personal interpretation of the tiger, whether via painting, design or sculpture. Participants can submit their works via Prada’s website.LINEBREAKAll works will be judged by a jury comprising the artists Liu Ye, Lu Yang and Goshka Macuga, and some will be chosen for use in a special project taking place throughout 2022.LINEBREAK

ArtMag by Deutsche Bank: Anime, Animation, Avatare: Lu Yang ist „Artist of the Year” 2022

Der chinesische Künstler Lu Yang ist „Artist of the Year” 2022 der Deutschen Bank. Lu Yang wurde in Shanghai geboren, wo er auch heute lebt und arbeitet. Lu Yang ist einer der international einflussreichsten chinesischen Multimedia-Künstler der Gegenwart. Als „Artist of the Year“ wird er im Herbst 2022 im Berliner PalaisPopulaire der Deutschen Bank seine erste große Einzelausstellung in Deutschland zeigen.LINEBREAK

Palais Populaire by Deutsche Bank: Artist of the Year 2022

The Chinese artist Lu Yang is Deutsche Bank’s “Artist of the Year” 2022. The artist was born in Shanghai, where he lives and works today. Lu Yang is one of the most internationally influential Chinese multimedia artists. As the “Artist of the Year,” Lu Yang will be showing his first major solo exhibition in Germany at Deutsche Bank’s PalaisPopulaire in Berlin in the fall of 2022.LINEBREAK

PW-Magazine: Lavender Marriage: The Recent Nostalgia of Bunny Rogers’ »Ms Agony« – Bunny Rogers

Purple. Lavender. Mauve? Depending on the angle you approach them from, the silver-plated frames Bunny Rogers uses for her prints can appear anything from light lilac to dark blue, almost black. In the continuation of her two-part show at THADDAEUS ROPAC (Salzburg) this confusion is enhanced by the limited lighting shining on the works, keeping the viewer in the center of the space in the dark – looking for the right amount of distance and closeness to keep. Started at SOCIÉTÉ (Berlin) last year and originally intended to overlap this January, the two exhibitions expand upon each other. For the second iteration of »Ms Agony«at Thaddaeus Ropac, the checkerboard purple-and-blue floor in Berlin has been exchanged for precisely painted lavender walls, stopping at the edges with a thin white fringe, about one centimeter from the floor and ceiling of the gallery spaces, as if frames themselves.LINEBREAK

FRIEZE: Lessons in Feminism from Fairy Tales – Marianna Simnett

FRIEZE: Lessons in Feminism from Fairy Tales – Marianna SimnettLINEBREAK

VALARNO POST: Anteprima di “Mehr Licht!” la mostra di arte contemporanea tutta dedicata alla luce e ai suoi significati – Kaspar Müller

VALARNO POST: Anteprima di “Mehr Licht!” la mostra di arte contemporanea tutta dedicata alla luce e ai suoi significati – Kaspar MüllerLINEBREAK

FAD: Painting at Frieze London

Filipino-American artist Trisha Baga is best known for installations that project film on top of other content to complex effect, running together digital, analogue and real. But I liked this, one of series of paintings composed, rather remarkably, of sesame seeds – suggesting both a material version of the pixelated images of the videos and the sand in a desert landscape. The view seems to be as surveyed – perhaps, given its fairly busy, the desert is a beach – by a shadowy foreground figure. I’m guessing it’s called sex as per Latin because that makes it six figures, not because there’s any sex to be spied on, but perhaps matters will develop. The whole may be a screen anyway, as some sort of dialogue box seems to be open – we’re back to the digital versus real.LINEBREAK